U-Haul Technical Center Career Opportunities

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U-Haul is seeking a Buyer at our Technical Center in Tempe. This person will be responsible for interviewing vendors, obtaining competitive bids for major purchases, negotiating with vendors for price, quality service and delivery as required by U-Haul, and awarding contracts. The individual will also consult on quality control and product deficiency situations, expedite critical items, and furnish lead time advice. Other related duties will be assigned as required within the Purchasing Department.


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Under the direction of the Manager, Research and Development, will assist in the completion of the secondary designs and redesigns of the U-Haul product line. Consider factors such as structural integrity, inspection, replacement and repair. Assist in the analysis of the functional problems, such as weight distribution, structural integrity and hydraulics. Solve problems of moderate complexity by preparing detailed design outlines and layouts. Substantiate design by preparing layouts, graphs, tables, and other related materials using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Follow technical direction given in performing complicated design projects.

• Conceptualize, design, develop original designs of workable product from verbal instructions and general sketches to improve safety of operations, durability, dependability, efficiency and economy of manufacture or repair.
• Prepare design outlines and layouts including graphs, charts, and tables using CAD applications. Write descriptions and parts lists for use by development shop, drafting, purchasing, and materials planning personnel.
• Review and analyze part or assembly functions in light of established design objectives. Assist Senior Designers by working on a part or sub-assembly of a total project.
• Operate complex engineering computers and software to accomplish the 3D design, analysis and implementation of the U-Haul product line components, parts, subassemblies, and assemblies.
• Oversee the preparation of preliminary line drawings, sketches, follow-up sheets and parts delivery to the prototype development shop.
• Construct prototype of new projects. Make a record of all problems and follow through with corrections in the final build prior to testing and qualification.
• Provide written reports as requested or required by management.
• Evaluate offers received and negotiate price and terms with prospective buyer or his agent. Obtain approval from President, Real Estate for price or counteroffer.
• Stay abreast of product and design trends, as well as new development processes.

Other Duties Performed Occasionally or Infrequently:

• Coordinate the technical efforts of other drafters when working on special projects and make simple decisions that lead to standard practices.
• Provide details to Drafters so that production drawings, bills of material and parts lists can be delivered in an accurate and timely fashion for material control and production planning.

Fleet Sales Intern

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Fleet Sales is looking for interns currently in college pursuing Bachelor’s Degree or recently graduated with one. Pursuing or graduated with a Masters Degree is accepted as well at a higher wage.

• Reasonable and predictable attendance is essential.
• Conduct pertinent statistical analyses as required.
• Investigate and research topics, programs, competitors, etc. to gather and synthesize information that will be needed to refine strategies and project plans.
• Consult with Program Manager, and department staff, regarding the implementation and conclusion of assigned responsibilities.
• Present completed projects.
• Assist in clerical functions including photocopying, correspondence, filing, and maintaining records.
• Assist the Program Manager or supervisor with daily functions of the job.

Manager Box Truck Sales

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Under the direction of the Director, Fleet Sales, responsible for managing and directing Fleet Sales staff to accomplish the following objectives: Preserve the fleet (all trucks, vans, equipment, etc.) so as to provide a better product for the customer, maximize utilization of products and materials used to maintain/service the fleet and maximize income potential when equipment is taken out of rental service circulation. Promote department programs via presentations, publications, articles and memos. Develop viable marketing programs that will accomplish goals and objectives as established by U-Haul International Inc. Support the implementation of marketing programs with limited resources budgeted to the department.

• Discuss and review new concepts and ideas with Director, Fleet Sales, as well as written communications regarding marketing programs.
• Supervise personnel in Fleet Sales department.
• .Accountable for the proper utilization of the department budget and to reduce expenses as needed or required.
• Determine effective means of increasing fleet and equipment sales revenues, as well as transactions through presentations and management.
• Coordinate programs with Rates & Distribution and Field Support departments.
• Coordinate Fleet Sales efforts with all related programs such as repair, licensing fleet management, Point of Sales (POS), etc.
• Responsible for all programs and projects developed, implemented and supported by Fleet Sales such as fleet and equipment sales.

Project Support Specialist

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Document all action items with due date for all Truck/Trailer projects, and all action items with follow-up to the Director of Truck/Trailer Products. Enter all Scope Meeting action items and direction into technicians One-Note files. Maintain all links in One-Note; transfer all documentation of projects within One-Note. Responsible for supporting project owners with project timelines. Administration support such as research, PowerPoint presentations or surveys. Responsible for flow process, project deadline communication to Product Managers, and project Half Point Estimates for completion. Ability to accomplished task with limited supervision.

Quality Assurance Auditor

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Under the direction of the Manager, Quality Assurance Auditor, conduct quality assurance audit/inspections assigned to assist management in reviewing compliance with U-Haul repair programs, policies and procedures of repair facilities within the system. Perform field and in-house quality control inspection assignments such as portions of major audits or smaller, less complex audits of single operating segments independently. Identify management action to be taken based on findings. Provide written, detailed summary of findings independently. Travel to field locations to carryout quality control audits/inspections. Quality assurance audits include one or more of the following essential duties and are performed in accordance with established Quality Assurance Audit Department procedures and guidelines.

• Reasonable and predictable attendance is essential.
• Perform final inspections of products for purposes of verifying compliance with shop maintenance/repair policies, programs and procedures.
• Determine compliance within established maintenance/repair policies and procedures within the shop being inspected.
• Verify, document and appraise the actual behavior of the operating unit being audited to assure that records, statements and reports are properly and accurately maintained.
• Verify compliance of records, statements and reports with our established programs, policies and procedures.
• Conduct a closing conference upon conclusion of the audit. Discuss the audit report findings and recommendations to be made to correct deficiencies found.
• Review audit findings and action to be taken by the manager.
• Communicate findings and recommendations to appropriate personnel during the course of the audit as necessary.
• Keep management informed of the significant happenings within the system.
• Maintain working knowledge of all computer systems (software/hardware) utilized by the repair shop entities.

Test Technician I

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• Inspect, test, or measure materials or products.
• Interpret and analyze test requests to prepare test procedures for static or dynamic testing.
• Perform product evaluation testing on parts and sub-assemblies for monthly/yearly verification/certification.
• Record requested test data from both static and dynamic tests.
• Utilize test equipment to produce, regulate, and record effects of actual or simulated conditions such as stress, vibration, temperature, humidity, pressure, accelerations, etc.
• Reasonable and predictable attendance is required.
• Complete work to meet test/inspection schedules, work OT as needed.
• Use of Tensile/Compression Load Frame test machine, salt spray, humidity, thermal cabinets, QUV chamber, bolt tension calibrator, height gauge, 3D roamer arm, Rockwell hardness tester, and abrasion machine for QC testing/inspection.

Truck Development Specialist

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The ideal candidate will research and test the potential parts into a comprehensive process involving various departments, including Purchasing, Repair Research, Engineering and the Test Lab. Work with Vendors to perform research, testing and documented through primarily web-based project management methods. Read, interpret and prepare applicable technical information and suggested design/process changes to ensure simple, functional and cost effective results. Develop new products and services that are easy to use for our internal and external customer base. Communicate technical information to technical and non-technical system members. Assist in the release of all documentation required to support a project.