Moonlighter Jobs

Are you interested in becoming a moonlighter? Are you looking for another job to supplement your income? If so, U-Haul is the right place for you! Moonlighters are important and valued members of the U-Haul Team because they help us meet our customers’ needs—which are significantly greater on evenings, weekends and holidays—with skilled, talented people who will provide excellent customer service.

Whether your “regular” job is a full-time or part-time position at another company, being in the military, going to school or being a stay-at-home parent, the flexible schedules available at U-Haul will make it possible for you to join our team. We have a variety of positions available for moonlighters and the flexible schedules we offer provide many options.

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moon-light-er (noun):
one who holds a second job in addition to a regular job.
Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary


I like dealing with the customer and especially like the action on the weekends. One minute you look up and you have no customers at the counter. Then the next minute you look up again and there is a whole bunch. Then, you have to serve them real fast. For me, that is a rush.

With the extra money earned at U-Haul, I provided my daughter with the things she needed while she was growing up – items such as school supplies, clothes, braces, and recently a car. Things I couldn’t have done on one job.

Barbra – Customer Service Representative
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